Source Sans Pro

Presented by Jean Will




I am quiet.

I am elegant.

I am readable.

I am strong.

I am stable.

I am forceful.

About the font

Source Sans Pro is a sans serif typeface created by Paul D. Hunt intended to work well in user interfaces. It is the first open-source font family from Adobe, distributed under the SIL Open Font License.

It is available in six weights (Regular, ExtraLight, Light, Semibold, Bold, Black) in upright and italic styles. The typeface has wide language support for Latin script, including Western and Eastern European languages, Vietnamese, pinyin Romanization of Chinese, and Navajo.


Example Tasklist
  • Regular

  • Light

  • Light

  • Bold

  • Light

  • Extralight

  • Black

Think of the various typeface weights as graphic road signs: a few, well-placed, will help the reader navigate the content.

Example Tasklist

Treatment of confusable characters

1 illinois

1 illinoisOpen sans

1 illinoisArial

1 illinoisMontserrat



Source Sans Pro is available for use on the web via font hosting services including Typekit and Google Web Fonts. Source Sans Pro is also available for use directly in Google documents.

The full package of source files can be obtained from the Source Sans download page on GitHub.